Heartland Rainbow Prisms

Heartland Rainbow Prisms is a delightful company in Canterbury, New Hampshire. This wonderful little company makes affordable prisms that are beautiful and simply adorned. The use of crystals, faceted beads and Swarovski Austrian leaded glass, make the heart-shaped prisms, octagon prisms, teardrop prisms and small Feng Shui balls unique and irresistible.

The owners and founders of this company live a heart-based, spiritual life in rural New Hampshire. They are gifted and thoughtful people. They garden organically and have a complex and deeply-felt relationship with the earth. They relate to the earth and the heavens as living energies. Allowing light to move through a prism, to spill out it's rainbow colors over the room brings, they feel, joy and blessings into one's life. They are great gifts.

And, in the event that you've been wondering what's so special about Swarovsky Austrian leaded glass, Wikipedia gives a great explanation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swarovski